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  We here by confirm that we have been buying Agitators since Year 2010 til date; from Acme Process Systems, Plot No. 311, Sector No.7, PCNDTA, M.I.D.C., Bhosari, Pune - 411 026. The performacne of all Agitators supplied is satisfactory.  

Milind Alavani
Alfa Laval India Ltd
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  Acme Process Systems supplied us agitator for 1KL Hydrogenator with hydrofoil impellers on 01/01/2011. Earlier to this we had gas-induction type impeller system agitator, where the motor power was 3.7 kW and mixer speed was 325 rpm.

Acme Process Systems. Supplied us a unit of 3.7 kW having mixer speed of 230 epm with hydrofoil impellers. This new agitator was installed on our hydrogenator autoclave on 09/01/2011.

With old gas-induction impeller agitator we were getting a batch time of 55-60 hours on an average for the said application. But with the new impeller system agitator of ACME , for the same process and at the same power, we getting a bath time of 24 hours on an average.

We have observed a 60% batch time reduction in our hydrogenator autoclave for no additional power input.

We are satisfied with the performance and benefits of the agitator with hydrofoil impeller technology supplied by Acme Process Systems.   

Dinesh Thokade
Aarti Industries Ltd
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  The performance of the agitator supplied by Team ACME for the lubricants blending is highly satisfactory and I really appreciate the efforts from team ACME for the same.  

Dr. Kalpendra Rajurkar Manage
Castrol India
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  Acme Process Systems, Pune have supplied us agitators from 2013 for our variou sapplications which have been installed for different locations a tour client send. All these agitators have been performing to our satisfaction till date.  

Durgesh Palekar
Tetra Pak India Private Pvt Ltd