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Polymerization is a liquid-liquid mixing process that allows reaction between monomer molecules to create polymer chains. Due to high viscosity and high exothermic heat of reaction of a typical polymerization system, the polymerization reactor needs to be design, considering heat transfer and the fluid flow. For instance, most of the polymerization reactors are equipped with agitators. Commonly used tank reactors obviously have stirring capability. Emulsion polymerization and suspension polymerization reactions are the types of polymerization reaction carried out in the stirred tank reactors by agitation of the monomers or reactants.

Emulsion polymerization involves simultaneous nucleation-growth phenomenon. Monomer is first dispersed into drops enabling the aqueous phase to become saturated. Monomers moves by a convection-diffusion mechanism to suspended particles. Although nucleation and growth occur simultaneously, growth continues after nucleation stops. The growth phase stops when the monomer supply is stopped. ACME agitator disperses monomer into drops and to provide adequate movement for suspension and heat transfer.


Suspension polymerization starts with the creation of a stabilized dispersion of monomer droplets. As polymerization proceeds, the monomer droplets polymerize, usually passing through a sticky phase. The protective coating of suspending agents and agitation conditions keep the droplets from coalescing. They also control particle size and size distribution.

ACME agitators produce and maintain dispersion of uniform size drops and suspension of both monomer droplets and eventually, polymer particles. The agitators rapidly make the monomer available to the growing polymer chain, thereby improving the product quality.

The engineering experts help you choose the right ACME agitator while designing the polymerization reactor. The structure of the blades and rotation speed are chosen based on the characters of the specific polymerization reaction. ACME agitators are best designed, suited for process viscosity, mixing and heat transfer requirement.



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