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Distillation, extractive distillation, liquid-liquid extraction and absorption are all techniques used to separate binary or multicomponent mixture of liquids or vapours. Distillation columns are widely used specially in traditional chemical engineering and oil & gas industries, small-scale laboratories as well as large manufacturing industrial setups. A distillation column is a tall structure consisting of trays, plates or packing, which are used to transfer heat energy and enhance material transfer thus separating the desired components.

In a distillation column the two or more liquids are separated based on their relative volatilities. The greater the relative volatilities, easier is the separation process. The mixture undergoes selective boiling, where the liquid with high volatility vaporizes and is removed from the top of the distillation column, while the one with least volatility is withdrawn from the bottom of the distillation column.

Efficient and economical performance of distillation column is vital to many processes.

ACME offers in-house shop fabrication of distillation column. Our engineers with profound knowledge and experience consider every essential parameter such as codes (ASME SECTION 8 DIV 2), calculations, and predictions based on client requirements while designing and manufacturing the distillation column. We offer columns for Batch, Continuous, Azeotropic and Extractive Distillation Process.

We have manufactured distillation column up to the diameter of 2.2 m and height up to 60 m. However, we have the capability of builder even larger sized columns.



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