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A scrubber is an air-pollution control device used for treating dirty flue gases before releasing them into the atmosphere. Scrubbers have the ability to remove solids, mist, and toxic gases, simultaneously, while also providing cooling to the treated gas. They are also capable of working on volatile and flammable gases safely.


A scrubber consists of a tower or a shell with adequate packing material for better contact between the liquid and gas. The gas that needs to be treated is let through the bottom inlet of the scrubber. As the gas rises through the packing material, scrubbing liquid is sprayed from the top. The packing material provides larger contact area, turbulent mixing of the phases, better residence time for improved mixing of the gas and liquid phases, and mass transfer. The treated gas which is now environmentally safe then rises to the top of the tower and out through the outlet into the atmosphere.

The effectiveness of a scrubber depends on better understanding of the process and the liquids, gases, solids, slurries that need to be treated, implementation of the right packing material for enhanced contact between the contaminant and scrubbing solution such as water or solution of reagent that selectively reacts with the contaminant, and high-quality MOCs.

ACME offer high removal efficiency Gas Scrubber for toxic processes across various industries. Our scrubbers are designed to handle a wide range of gas flow rates, depending on the client requirement, with particle removal or product recovery efficiency of over 99.9%. ACME offers scrubber in various high-quality MOCs such as CS, SS304, SS316, SS316L, PP, FRP, etc. depending on the nature of fumes to be treated.



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