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Skid Mounted Systems



A SKID refers to a framework built for an entire process, or chain of processes. It’s like a family of process equipment and accessories are modularly built on this framework, making it a plug-and-play type of system.

Based on the process requirement various process equipment such as heat exchangers, pumps and valves, piping, electrical accessories and cables, insulation, flow meters and controls, tanks, etc. are built and mounted on this modular framework. The entire set-up and the structure are called as Skid Mounted Systems.

ACME has been trusted by several global companies for providing high quality skid mounted systems. The entire system is designed, built and quality assured at our manufacturing plant, and safely transported to the client’s installation site. The design is based on the site survey conducted by our engineers. Therefore, the framework perfectly fits into the space provided by the client for the unit.


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