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Roto Cone Vacuum


In the industrial process systems, one needs to be extremely careful about the filtration process wherein the solvent is removed from the solid powdered products. The amorphous and crystalline solids have a tendency to degrade or oxidize at higher temperatures, causing serious damage to the nature.

ACME Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer (RCVD) are a perfect solution to overcome these issues. These RCVDs are specially designed to dry products that are temperature sensitive, are susceptible to oxidation, volatile, and those are toxic in nature ACME RCVDs are great substitutes to other types of dryers that cause air-contamination. ACME provides turnkey solutions covering design to fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire RCVD plant.


ACME RCVD has integrated mixing and drying technologies under vacuum, all within a single set-up. This speeds up drying time, assures enhanced drying efficiency at low working temperatures, and is cost effective due to high solvent recovery.

In compliance with cGMP and FDA standards to meet the drying requirement of the various industries such as API, Food, Chemical, Pesticides, Dyes, etc., it assists cGMP-based working by achieving optimum dust control while offering efficient charging and discharging of materials.

A well designed sealing system ensures maintenance of required vacuum inside the shell and also ensures proper circulation of heat transfer fluid in the jacket. The lump breaker within the dryer breaks large product lumps to powder form. The rotary action of dryer along with mechanical action of lump breakers reduce the drying time, deliver lump-free product and ensure extremely low moisture levels in the product.

The special mechanical seals ensuring a perfect vacuum in the system are provided with the lump breaker shafts. Specially designed micro filters are installed in the dryer to prevent solids from escaping the system. The product is discharged through a butterfly valve mounted at the outlet nozzle, which can be automated or operated manually.


ACME RCVD consists of jacketed double conical chambers, mounted on robust pedestal, which rotates at very low RPM ranging from 5-10 RPM, as required by the process. For uniform drying of product, heat transfer fluids such as hot water or steam is circulated around the conical jacket. This completely jacketed system provides optimum dryer efficiency.

The material which is to be dried is charged as a batch. As the dryer rotates the wet material goes through a heating process by conduction and agitation, with gentle tumbling action, and while maintaining vacuum inside the drying chamber to achieve rapid drying. The vacuum inside the chamber decreases vapour pressure of water or solvent and creates the effect of reducing product water or solvent boiling point which then evaporates quicker and enhances the rate of drying. The vaporised steam or solvent vapours is then pumped out through vacuum exhaust pipe.



ACME also supplies all the necessary units required for the entire dryer plant suitable for the given batch size


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