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Agitated thin film dryer


ACME manufacturers and supplies, Agitated Thin Film Dryers (ATFD) which are widely used to evaporate water or solvent to get the concentrated solutions or semi dry powder products in chemical, pharmaceuticals and food industries. 

ATFD assembly consists of a cylindrical, vertical body with heating jacketed shell and rotor assembly having closely fitted hinged blades that rotate inside the shell. These hinged blades distribute the wet feed in the form of thin film over the heated shell wall.  As there is heat transfer from jacket to main shell under smooth agitation, water/solvent evaporates and liquid converts to slurry, to cake and to semi dry powder or flakes and collected at the bottom receiver. The system is operated under vacuum for temperature sensitive products and atmospheric conditions for normal drying. It is one of the major equipment used for continuous processing of concentrated solution for drying.




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