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Mud Agitators

With a razor-sharp focus on detailed understanding of the surface mud system requirement, ACME Mud Agitators are designed to achieve thorough agitation of drilling fluids for mixing chemicals and mud components, suspension of solids in surface tanks, and maintaining homogeneity of drilling fluids throughout the surface systems. These agitators efficiently provide adequate shear and stirring, to dissolve, wet and disperse mud additives, thereby facilitating upward flow, while keeping suspended solid velocity greater than settling velocity, in the mud tank.

ACME offers an efficient mud blending unit in a wide range of custom configuration and sizes suitable for any mud tank. The design of mud agitator, for a given application, is based on key parameters such as the tank size, inner depth of the tank and mud properties.


An agitator that provides the desired output consistently, is a result of the right design, proper installation and correct placement of impellers. The placement and sizing of impellers are extremely important. and ACME ensures, this is delivered.


MS | 304 | 316 | 316L

ACME  provides full spectrum of hydrofoil impellers with suitable diameters based on the size of mud tanks. These impellers transmit mechanical power to fluid movement in two ways; either fluid pumping or fluid shearing.

Unlike mud guns or centrifugal pumps, mud agitators are relatively low shear and low energy consuming devices, which significantly reduces operating costs and facilitates ease of maintenance. These low shear mixers, when used for suspension and mixing of mud additives, minimize degradation in particle size and polymer shear.

The sizing and arrangement of impellers depend on type of duty and the tank geometry. The precise design of ACME  triple-bladed hydrofoil impeller provides radial and axial flow which ensures optimal mixing and suspension of solid particles in the mud tank. For deeper tanks, multiple impellers can be mounted on a single shaft.

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