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Pressure Nutsche
Filter (PNF)

Nutsche filtration and drying is a batch process which is carried out under vacuum and pressure in a closed vessel. Solids can be discharged directly into a dryer in dry or slurry form. In the case of a filter, the drying function can be carried out in the same vessel. The filter pressure required for separation of filtrate is through gravity and vacuum in Nutsche.

By providing the necessary connections, the Nutsche Filter can be designed to wash and dry. This design facilitates fast and easy cake discharge and aids uninterrupted service flows. This technique is very beneficial to filter and collect smaller solid particles from relatively large liquid volumes. The filter/dryer can handle a wide range of flow rates and solids loadings. The horizontal position of the filtering plate base eases the washing or further treatment of the filter cake. The Nutsche can be equipped with an optional mixer for continuous or re-suspension of solids.

ACME manufactures Pressure Nutsche Filter of varied sizes and pressure from full vacuum to 20 bar, depending on customer requirement. ACME has supplied Pressure Nutsche filter of size up to 60” diameter.



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