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Rotary Vacuum Paddle
Dryer (RVPD)

Many powdered solid products require dehydration and solvent recovery from wet cake and slurries.

ACME Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryers (RVPD) are a perfect solution to overcome these issues. These RVPDs are specially designed to dry products that are temperature sensitive, are susceptible to oxidation, volatile, and those that are toxic in nature ACME RVPDs are great substitutes to other types of dryers that cause air-contamination. ACME provides turnkey solutions covering design to fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire RVPD plant.

ACME’s RVPD is the most versatile dryer which can handle the products having lumping properties. The integrated drying, mixing and breaking process in single unit under vacuum provides enhanced drying efficiency with low LOD values at low working temperatures, and process economy due to high solvent recovery. It can be used for low temperature drying, extraction of useful solvents, reaction, crystallization, and recovery of solvent.  


RVPD consists of jacketed shell with a central agitator shaft having paddle/blades which rotates at a very low RPM. The low clearance agitator paddles/blades scrape the material against the internal heated surface of shell, which provides maximum heating consistently. For uniform drying of product, heat transfer fluids such as hot water or steam is circulated through the shell jacket. This completely jacketed system provides optimum dryer efficiency.

The material which is to be dried is charged as a batch from the top of the shell. As the paddle agitator rotates the product is heated by means of heating media circulated in jacket from the outside and also through the hollow agitator from the inside which increases drying surface and the rate of energy transfer. The paddle agitator is designed to facilitate heating, mixing, drying and discharging of the product, all-in-one.  The drying process is carried out under vacuum. The vacuum inside the chamber decreases the pressure around the wet material to lower the vapor pressure of water or solvent thereby reducing the product water or solvent boiling point. Due to this the water or solvent evaporates faster, and enhances the rate of drying. The evaporated solvent pass through the pulsating dust filter before going into the condenser to prevent any solid escaping from the system.

The shell of the dust filter is also provided with the jacket/limpet coil for heating, to eliminate the condensation of solvent vapours in the dust filter chamber. The vapour then condensed, and the condensate is collected in the receiver tank. The automated or manual release of the discharge valve conveniently discharges maximum product, and eases the handling of product without any loss.



ACME also supplies all the necessary units required for the entire dryer plant suitable for the given batch size



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